What types of DNA tests are available on the Internet?

You’ve probably shopped online, checked your bank account, or even bought movie tickets from your cell phone or computer. You can also buy other things like a DNA gender test on the website of the laboratories that offer this service. Just like an online purchase, the lab will send you everything you need to take the samples yourself and send them to the lab. The labs also offer tests of which results can be used in legal proceedings. If you are searching the Internet for “legal DNA testing near me” you will most likely come across laboratories that may perform legally valid tests. In this case, the laboratory cannot send you any kit because a certified person has to be the one to take the samples. This person will attest that the samples were taken from the right people.

Uses of a legally valid test

When people can reach agreements on their own, the intervention of third parties is unnecessary. It is essential for a judge to interfere when two or more people cannot establish their duties and rights on an issue. It is necessary for the DNA test to be legally valid when it is a question of a father who wants to have the rights over his child or, ultimately, full paternity. Unrecognized children may be eligible to receive part of the inheritance when a judge requires a DNA sample to be taken from the other children or siblings of the deceased. There are countries that grant nationality when there is a biological connection between two people. In these cases, a legally valid paternity test is the only instrument accepted by immigration courts to allow this type of benefit.

Can an online laboratory be trusted?

People often think that online purchases are unimportant actions and therefore when it comes to a legally valid DNA test, they think that the laboratories they come across on the Internet do not have enough credibility. You should realize that the website of these labs only acts as a gateway between the laboratory and you. If the lab is authorized to analyze DNA samples for legal proceedings, it does not matter whether you hire their services through their website, by phone call, or in person. If you have doubts about the reliability of a laboratory, you can seek advice from a professional lawyer. Some documentation usually supports certified laboratories that a lawyer can help you understand. A quicker alternative is to search the laboratory’s social networks and see what other people have said about it.