Weight Loss Diet: 7 Food Combinations That May Be Making You Gain Weight

Has your weight loss regime let you down? Do you wonder why despite following a healthy diet, you can’t lose weight? Don’t let it dash down your hopes of getting fit again. If you ask us, one of the problems could be combining the foods wrong even if they are healthy. Yes, if two healthy foods don’t complement each other, they can lead to digestion issues, which can further lead to belly fat and overall weight gain. You can’t beat yourself up for not knowing this; in fact, most of us were unaware of this fact.  

Dietitian Natasha Mohan revealed some of the most common but worst food combinations that can ruin your weight loss diet. Are you also consuming any of these? Stop now. 

Here are 9 food combinations that can lead to weight gain: 

1. Tea with snacks: 

 Tea-time snacks are always on our menu. Never did we imagine that this could be the obstacle in our weight loss journey. But it may be. Tea has tannins and caffeine, which if combined with food, can get in the way of absorption of iron, which can then lead to bloating and acidity. 

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Weight Loss Diet: 7 Food Combinations That May Be Making You Gain Weight

Tea is often combined with a variety of snacks.

2. Fruits with beverages 

Many people eat fruits for md-morning hunger. That’s what the health experts suggest the best time is to consume fruits. However, if you pair your fruits with coffee, tea or even coconut water, it can mess with your digestion system. Natasha Mohan advises to consume fruits in isolation. 

3. Roti and rice 

A typical Indian plate has roti, sabzis and some rice too. This is where we go wrong. Roti and rice – both are two kinds of robust grains with high GI Value. They should not be eaten at the same time. 

4. More than one protein food in a meal 

Too much protein can be difficult to digest. So avoid these common food combinations to prevent fat accumulation on your waistline – dal+dahi, paneer+dal, soyabean+dal, chicken+dal and so on. 

5. Dessert after meal: 

You tummy is already full with a heavy meal. Don’t overstress it with a serving of desserts soon after. Give some time gap between the two meals.  

6. Milk with salt 

What happens when you add lemon to milk? It curdles. So imagine what would happen in your body if you combine milk-based beverages with salty foods like sandwiches or chips. Just one word – avoid! 

7. Tomato and potato 

This shook us too. Aloo ki sabzi made with tomato is a staple in our households. But according to the dietitian, starch-ridden foods combined with tomatoes may increase belly fat. So, if you are struggling with a broad waistline, it may be better to avoid it. 

You can see the entire video posted by the dietitian on her YouTube channel ‘Food Vs Health Hindi TV’.

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