Tatcha’s The Silk Sunscreen SPF 50 Will Give You Your Dewiest Complexion Yet

One thing I will say, though, is that I do have to echo Dall’Asen’s concerns about the tint. Though it does work for the fairer tones of the Allure office, deeper skin tones may still deal with the issue of a white cast, which we hope Tatcha can address some time in the future. 

Allure beauty and wellness editor, Taylore Glynn, after applying the Tatcha The Silk Sunscreen.

Beauty and wellness editor Taylore Glynn is also a fan of the universal tint and says it makes her fair complexion look healthier. “This barely-tinted liquid offers a pearly, dewy glow without making me look greasy,” she says. She also applauses The Silk Sunscreen for its ability to work easily with her daily makeup routine, which is a must in order for any sunscreen to win her over. “I’ve got a couple of sunscreens in my arsenal already, but since [The Silk Sunscreen] is amenable to both a bare face and full-glam look, Tatcha might have all of them beat,” she exclaims.

Though we wish there was more than one shade offering, Tatcha’s The Silk Sunscreen is still quite impressive — it did just earn praise from three Allure staffers, after all. If you’re looking to shine bright, shine far, and glow like a star (no matter what your skin’s current state is), we can guarantee that this sunscreen will make your complexion do exactly that. 

Want to try it out for yourself and get glowing skin? Grab Tatcha’s The Silk Sunscreen now for $60 at tatcha.com or sephora.com starting today, March 1.