St. Louis Skin Care Guru Behind Beauty Brand Blissoma Explains Benefits of Using a Gua Sha Tool | Style


Among the wide-ranging effects of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, beauty routines for many have transformed to focus on skin care and prioritizing rejuvenation over getting dolled up. Local brand Blissoma, it seems, has always been ahead of this curve.

“There’s a renewed interest in self-care,” owner Julie Longyear says. “[People] are doing more for themselves at home than ever before. It is empowering to know that you can do a lot for yourself.”

Blissoma’s skin care products are based in plant science, and the brand recently added something new to its arsenal: the gua sha tool. Longyear expounds upon the benefits of using such a stone in your daily routine: “When you build habits around things that feel good in your hand, things that feel good on your face, it incentivizes you to maintain the habit,” she says. “It makes it more enticing to participate in the ritual.”

What makes gua sha, a natural therapy of rubbing the skin that is based in traditional Chinese medicine, so effective?

“These tools [commonly] have different curved edges,” Longyear details about the stones used for this practice. “There’s usually a concave edge, a convex edge, and one is a more pronounced dip to fit over surfaces like the edge of the chin.

“The moonstone tools that we offer have a toothed edge, which allows the tool to grab the skin. You can use that edge to break up adhesions in the tissue underneath the skin. This gives people options to manipulate the skin and stimulate it in new ways.”