Sali Hughes X Revolution Skincare: The Vogue Verdict

Lena Weib

As a self-confessed vitamin C junkie, Hughes knew that there had to be a vitamin C product in the line. With a 15% concentration in a super stable formula (vitamin C is notoriously unstable as an ingredient), it promotes skin brightness and provides antioxidant protection in a silky lightweight texture that sits perfectly under make-up. Use daily for best results.

Cream Drench Anytime Moisturiser

When it comes to moisturisers, there is this Cream Drench for drier skin types, or the Gel Quench Anytime Moisturiser, £14, for balanced or oilier skin types. Whichever texture you decide on, you will not be disappointed. They are formulated with hyaluronic acid, squalene, niacinamide and glycerin, with the Cream Drench having ceramides as its superstar ingredient and the Gel Quench polypeptides. Both leave skin feeling soft, plump and supple, and are just really good solid skincare staples. The aforementioned white T-shirts of the collection.

Butterclean Cleansing Balm

A luxuriously decadent cleansing balm that, again, is astonishing at this price point, as it easily measures up to (much) more expensive counterparts. Spa-like in its scent, it glides on effortlessly, removes make-up like a dream, and can be followed by the other cleanser in the range, the £10 Clean Sheet Morning Cleanser, as a double cleanse.

Shop the whole Sali Hughes X Revolution Skincare collection here.

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