Personal Training New Jersey (NJ), AtlantiCare, Egg Harbor Township

The AtlantiCare LifeCenter offers the most qualified and certified fitness specialists in South Jersey.

Personal Training New Jersey (NJ), AtlantiCare, Egg Harbor Township

Our dedicated fitness specialists become your training partner, helping you tailor the LifeCenter’s services and offerings to your own goals and needs.  At every step of the way, you’ll be working together to unlock the results you want by using the latest technology during your in-club sessions or at home virtual personal training sessions.

Our fitness specialists have degrees in exercise science and all have nationally recognized certifications. They also specialize in weight loss, arthritis, oncology, transitioning from physical therapy or rehabilitation to an exercise program, and conditioning for many specific sports.

For over 15 years we’ve designed personalized programs to support your unique goals.  Your trainer will assess your current level of fitness, consider your individual wellness goals, design a tailored exercise plan to help you achieve success safely, and then guide and monitor your workouts and progress.

How to get started

We have several ways for you to get started with Personal Training. 

Getting Started – Fitness Assessment

Personal training starts with a fitness assessment by a Fitness Specialist which is a great way for us to get to know you, your goals, and design a personal plan for you.  The fitness assessment starts with a cardiovascular test to measure exertion, heart rate, and blood pressure.  We’ll also measure your body composition such as BMI, waist circumference, body fat percentage and muscle mass. Lastly, we’ll measure flexibility, balance and strength.  We use this information to provide you with your target heart rate, caloric needs, and strength goals so you achieve your desired results.  After three months, we’ll complete a fitness reassessment to modify your plan and measure progress.

Physician Referred Exercise Program

PREP is a 60-day physician referred exercise program that introduces patients to exercise. All participants will meet with a LifeCenter certified fitness specialist two times per week and are granted full access to all of the center’s amenities. The program will individualize workouts to meet the needs of each participant while working in a small group setting in a non-intimidating, friendly environment.

Group Personal Training (FREE to all Members)

This fun, dynamic circuit style training is designed to give you all the benefits of personal training in a small group setting.  A certified fitness specialist will pair resistance training with cardio to burn calories and build muscle. In this 45 minutes session, all participants are working on the same movements at the same time. Trying this class for the first time? Let the fitness specialist know who can suggest modifications based on your ability.

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To meet with a fitness specialist, stop by the Front Desk, contact 609-677-5433 or [email protected] or complete our online form below.