Nab This 7-Piece Skin Care Set for $25 at MorningSave

Nab This 7-Piece Skin Care Set for  at MorningSave


It’s not every day that you’ll find a skin care set that has a ton of products for your face and body at such a low price. This seven-piece Microwater Complex skin care set by Quench is great for the warmer weather and can make a great gift too. And right now, you can get this set from MorningSave for $25.  

This set features a facial peel, daily moisturizer, foaming cleanser, body butter, night cream, body scrub and hand lotion. Almost all of these skin care products have an extremely thin consistency, hence the word “microwater” in the name. Although I’m a fan of thicker creams, sometimes in warm weather you want thinner products that feel weightless and moisturizing, and surprisingly, this set did that well.

What I didn’t like is the inconsistency in fragrance in each product. While some products were unscented, some, such as the miracle body soufflé, had a slight aroma of coconut. And the packaging needs work, because it can be hard to open. That said, it’s nice to have full-size skin and body care products, and you’ll find that for $25, this set is much cheaper than at Amazon ($35).

While the effectiveness of skin care products depends on the person using them, I’d say Quench is a great budget set to try or gift. If you love thicker creams or want something with a consistent fragrance, I’d try something more expensive, such as Karuna Skin or Peach & Lily.

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