Make mental health treatment accessible for our youth

Lena Weib

Another school shooting. 

While the pandemic has prevented some of these horrors for some time, lack of proximity being preventative, it seems that part of “normalcy” associated with re-grouping students in their classrooms is this tragedy as well.

The thing was not even on the front page of most newspapers, and where it was, it was below the fold. A quick look at the front page of the New York Times, “America’s Newspaper of Record,” reveals a story about “where the new variant is spreading across Europe” (maps, too); a thing about how flights to and from various places were causing fear, and a right column line on how the variant had arrived in Europe “earlier than expected.” Below the fold are right column stories about the Fed, and there, on the left, in a small box, is the note that “3 is killed at Michigan school…” (and a jump page to A-19). 

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