Local Mental Health Treatment Center Now Preferred By Santa

Santa Ana, May 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Santa Ana, California –

Santa Ana, CA based TRUST Socal is pleased to report that their community’s trust in the organization has never been higher. While the subject of their work, addiction rehab, remains an arduous process, the center says that most in this situation appear to prefer TRUST Socal to help them get through this period in their lives and achieve lasting sobriety.

“TRUST Socal earns higher praise from past patients and family members of patients as each day goes by,” shares a representative from the TRUST Socal team. “As Americans are starting to unpack their feelings and repressed emotions after dealing with lockdowns due to Covid-19 protocols, they are reporting higher levels of anxiety, loneliness, and despair. TRUST Socal is seeing an increase in interest in their dual diagnosis treatment program which helps those struggling with mental health and addiction. TRUST Socal wants everyone to understand that asking for help is a sign of strength and not one of weakness. It is when one is unafraid to seek help that one is truly strong.”

Local Mental Health Treatment Center Now Preferred By Santa

As such, their team is always ready and willing to talk with anyone who is caught in the grip of an addiction, no matter what substance is involved and how long their condition has been progressing. The team strongly believes that everyone deserves a fighting chance to get better — and get their lives back on track — so they are always prepared to welcome anyone who approaches them for help. This includes those suffering from addiction as well as friends and family members who are looking for more resources and assistance with helping someone they care about.

Since each patient receives exceptional care, many are grateful enough to leave a 5 Star mental health treatment review of the team’s work. For instance, Brandon W. says, “Locating the right mental health clinic that would offer actual aid is always tricky, which is why I felt relieved when I found these guys — they really care for their patients.” Similarly, Alain S. shares, “Getting an alcohol detox is no joke, and I needed to entrust my husband to someone genuinely reliable. TRUST SoCal has proven time and again that they are the best in this line of work.”

Along with addiction treatment, TRUST Socal offers behavioral health programs, assisted detox, and excellent residential and transitional living services. Whether a patient’s substance abuse issues involve alcohol, heroin or opiates, they have the resources to help. TRUST Socal adds that many cases of substance abuse are known to coincide (or heavily influence and vice versa) the onset of mental health issues. This means addiction can either lead to or exacerbate a mental illness (with the opposite being true as well), so it is crucial for any addiction rehab facility to take this into account. TRUST Socal is well aware of this possibility, and their team is ready to help patients with what is known as a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis. Mental health treatment is the backbone of all of the treatment types provided at TRUST Socal.

“Both an addiction and mental illness are individually difficult to overcome alone,” the center’s representative remarks, “but they can be especially difficult to address when they occur together. This is why we strongly advise people dealing with substance abuse to come and talk to us, and it is especially crucial they do so if they believe their mental health is at risk as well. The best way for you to get through this is with experience, and professional help, and you will be hard-pressed to find anyone better than the team at TRUST Socal.”

The events of the past few years have placed considerable strain on Americans across the country, and this strain may have led them to seek temporary relief in inadvisable places. However, TRUST Socal is standing by to help them get their lives back on track in a healthy and productive manner. Those looking for a highly recommended mental health center need look no further than TRUST Socal.

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