Is hair care the new skin care?

Is hair care the new skin care?There is more to hair care than just shampoo and conditioner. Blame it on the post-pandemic hair woes, increased awareness or entry of so many global brands, hair and scalp care are finally getting their due. Experts share their tips, tricks and techniques.

Post-pandemic hair woes

“Hair fall after Covid-19 is one of the common after effects. This is actually called hair shedding. In scientific terms, this condition is known as telogen effluvium. This hair fall problem can even last for about six to nine months,” says Rajesh Grover, co-founder of Derma Essentia, a premium skin and hair care brand which believes in nature-inspired quality products. As per Grover, to get back the strength and the lost shine of your hair, you need to focus on scalp care the way you on skin care. “The very first thing is to revive your diet—eat greens, more fruits, fibres, vitamins, minerals and keratin-rich foods like onion, egg, sweet potato, sunflower seeds, kale and garlic,” he says, adding, “Next, give some space to home remedies in your hair care routine. Even Malika Arora swears by onion juice for better hair health after Covid. Apply this juice before rinsing the hair. Other than onion juice, you can also try an oil remedy (coconut oil in adequate quantity, few drops of almond oil, and 1 vitamin E capsule) regularly to reduce hair fall problems,” he says.

Innovation by design

“Scalp care is slowly becoming a global phenomenon, with new innovations and people taking extra steps such as exfoliators, rinse off, hair serum and infrared ozone treatment machines to renew the dead follicles,” says Shivanyah Ghai, owner of Xpressions Salon, Kamla Nagar, Delhi. Ghai has seen a tremendous demand for the machine as the results are fairly quick. “The machine comb gives therapeutic light energy to your hair follicles through 82 medical-grade lasers. The nourishing laser light stimulates hair follicles, reverses thinning, restores your hair’s natural growth cycle and promotes fuller, denser hair growth,” she says.

Morning to Night Routine

“The AM-PM round-the-clock routine at home for your hair and scalp with a super customised approach is not only trending, it is crucial,” says Melissa Hughe, national technical head, Schwarzkopf Professional India. Like skin care, both hair and scalp care need to be followed regularly and consistently to see improvement, cure and for overall wellbeing. Start with a cleanse treatment in the morning to a mid-day refresh and all-night nourishment. Hughe believes the key to success in hair and scalp care is consistency.

“An emergent trend in hair care is internal transformation for more holistic outer beauty. Professional treatments trending in salons revolve around the bonding technology that can protect and create new bonds inside the hair responsible for maintaining the stability of the internal hair structure and resulting in renewed hair strength and resilience,” says Hughe. One such example is Schwarzkopf Professional’s Fibre Clinix (an in-salon treatment). Fibre Clinix is powered by a trivalent ion that enables the product to create a three-dimensional network within the hair structure thereby reinforcing and re-stabilising even the most damaged hair internally. In addition, the product technology is also capable of restoring all the 21 proteo-lipids of the hair’s external structure, bringing the hair back almost to its original state.

What’s trending

“Hair loss and irritated scalp were already major issues and Covid stress flamed them up. Heat protection serums, ayurvedic hair oils and shampoos, natural scalp cleansers and hair creams, are currently trending. Silk pillowcases that prevent breakage are also in,” says Ritika Jayaswal, CEO and founder, Nourish Mantra, a natural beauty brand. As per Jayaswal, ingredients that stimulate hair growth include sesame seed oil, coconut and argan oil, Vitamin E, amla fruit, shikakai and methi seeds, bhringraj, gotu kola and ashwagandha herbs. “Drinking adequate water solves most of our health issues. Other than that, our scalp and hair majorly need protein, biotin, vitamin e, vitamin c, zinc, iron and omega 3,” she says.

Look for actives

“Just like the growth and health of a plant depends on the condition of the soil it grows in, the health of our scalp determines how healthy our hair would be. A healthy scalp is equal to healthy hair,” says Shaily Kataruka, founder, The Earth Collective, a hair care brand. In fact, just like the actives you use in your skin care, you need actives in scalp and haircare for that extra boost and shine. “Stick to products that are paraben-and sulphate-free, contain no harmful chemicals or mineral oils and are vegetarian,” adds Kataruka. A great product to use, she says, is a hair density tonic that contains six actives along with ginseng root extract, arginine, niacinamide, hydrolysed soy protein, biotin and silanediol salicylate.

So, what are you waiting for, get ready to give your hair and scalp some well-deserved TLC.