I’m a physio guru – here’s 5 ways to ease back pain and slash your risk of 3 killers

BACK pain is a growing problem for Brits – especially with many people now working from home.

The human body doesn’t enjoy being sedentary for a long period of time.

I’m a physio guru – here’s 5 ways to ease back pain and slash your risk of 3 killers


Physio Joy Ogude demonstrated an exercise that will help your back feel betterCredit: ITV

It can cause a whole host of health problems and actually make painful issues more painful.

Moving, and regularly moving, is the way forward, experts say.

Even just going to the gym for one burst of energy and then sitting for much of the day isn’t enough.

Regular movement and not sitting still for too long is the key to better health and less back pain.

ITV’s Tonight programme looked into the growing issue with Back Pain: Britain’s Unseen Crisis? last night.

A number of experts explained why things have got so bad for so many people.

But they also offered plenty of tips on how to counteract any building issues and beat backache.

Dr Mike Fray, an expert for 30 years in ergonomics and physiotherapy, said: “There is a musculoskeletal effect of people sitting down for much longer.

“We lose muscle mass, we lose range of movement. We develop into a chair-shaped human essentially.”

He recommended making sure you sit up straight in a firm chair if you’re working from home.

The expert said: “[Have your] feet nice and flat on the floor, a good comfortable, supportive, position in your trunk, or in your chair, eyes to the top of the screen you’re in a pretty good starting point for doing your typing or activity.”

This should ensure you are in the best position for your back, and nip any niggles in the bud.

Along with that experts advise using standing desks, walking around while taking a phone-call and setting an alarm to get up and move every 30 minutes.


Professor Vybarr Cregan Reid, an author who has written all about environments and how they are changing our bodies, warned of the dreadful effect of inactivity.

He said: “Inactivity is driving all of the big killers. So it’s increasing the likelihood of all of those type two diabetes, heart disease, quite a few cancers, but also it’s affecting mental health as well.”

To tackle back issues, physiotherapist Joy Ogude recommended an exercise that anyone can do at home to improve pain.

She told reporter Joe Crowley you simply lie on the floor or on your bed, keeping the knees and feet together.

You put your arms in a T position and then move your knees from side to side, keeping your shoulders on the floor.

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She urged people not to stop gentle exercise if they have aches and pains.

The expert said: “When people feel pain, don’t link it to damage. Pain is really just a signal. Your body is telling you something isn’t right, somethings’ wrong.”

She demonstrated an easy exercise anyone can do at home


She demonstrated an easy exercise anyone can do at home

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