Here are three things you can do if you have morning back pain

Lena Weib

One of the most common complaints from chronic back pain sufferers is back pain first thing in the morning. For some folks it rears its ugly head on occasion and appears out of nowhere – as if they’ve thrown their back out. For others it’s like Groundhog Day – they go to bed feeling great but wake up every morning feeling stiff and achy.  

Why does this happen? Shouldn’t your back feel better after a good night’s sleep? 

Back pain impacts people in different ways. Both the location of your pain as well as the time of day you feel your worst can be indicators of where your back pain is coming from and what’s going on. 

Some of the most common causes of morning back pain include poor sleeping position, a bad mattress, and bulging discs.  Let’s go through each one and talk about tips to help minimize them. 

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