Here Are Some Ways To Ignite Romance With Fitness This Valentine’s Day

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Couples who eat together stay together is an older proverb; here is a more modern version: Couples who exercise together will stay fit and happy together!! Numerous experts believe couples can achieve their fitness goals more effectively because of their complementary personalities. “The main foundation for a healthy relationship is good health. When you have that by your side, you are high-spirited, healthy, and happy to take the romance to another level. Not only that, if you do it together as a couple, you ignite that fire of passion, at the right moment and at the right level,” explains Preety Tyagi, Lead Health Coach, Nutritionist, and Founder of MY22BMI. She discusses some simple and doable approaches for the pair to get in shape together.


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First Thing First, Find A Workout That You Both Love!!
It is extremely important to indulge in a healthy workout with your partner at all times, to keep healthy and high-spirited. But it will be totally wrong to push your partner, into workouts that they don’t feel comfortable doing. Don’t push but motivate!! And the best way to motivate someone is to give something that they would love to try out.

Hiking Date
This Valentine’s Day, plan a hiking date with your loved ones. Pick a scenic spot and go for an enjoyable hike in nature. This will ensure that you guys spend quality time, breathing fresh air, giving a good boost to your happy hormones, and that too, doing it together.

Share A Personal Trainer
Book a fitness class with the same personal trainer, who is good in doing couple classes. The personal trainer should be able to bring in fun workouts between the couples. This is a great way to enhance your fitness experience in a buddy strategy, that will keep it fun for you and will keep you motivated enough for the same.


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Make It A Challenge
Having a challenge put in place makes everything fun. It’s great to push each other towards achieving your goals through a challenging strategy. For example- 20,000 steps in a day challenge or 1100 calories burnt challenge. To have a fitness tracking device or watch and to keep tracking each other’s performance all throughout the day, can keep you motivated to win over the other.

Eat Healthy Together
No level of workout can lead to good health results until it is not teamed up with healthy eating habits. Make sure you have healthy meals prepped up for each other, even on Valentine’s Day

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