Health and Wellness Dr. Carrie Jose talks back pain and New Year’s resolution

Lena Weib

Now is the time when people shift their focus to the New Year and start thinking about new and exciting goals for themselves. According to – the three most popular New Year’s goals are doing more exercise and improving their fitness, losing weight, and saving money. 

Would you be surprised to know that if you are currently suffering from back pain – and you continue to ignore it – it could significantly impact your chances of success at achieving any of these goals? 

Let me explain. 

Let’s start with doing more exercise and improving fitness. Most people think that if they start exercising more – especially their core – it will solve their back problem. Not necessarily. While the research studies show (overwhelmingly) that exercise is one of the best treatments for back pain – what they don’t reveal is that there are typically some key things that must be in place in order for exercise to be effective.

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