Harrogate based mental health app releases new content for men

A FREE mental health app based in Harrogate has launched a men’s mental health content series.

The non-profit app, My Possible Self, endorsed by the NHS, is designed to enable as many people as possible to receive mental healthcare, with interactive and visual tools based on CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

It has today (March 31) launched a series of content aimed at men to help them to address, open up, and overcome mental health issues, in collaboration with The Priory Group, the UK’s number one independent mental healthcare provider.

Joanne Wilkinson, who founded My Possible Self in 2009, explains: “The stigma around men’s mental health and speaking out simply must be tackled.

“I hope we can help thousands of men towards better mental health.

“Regardless of whether you feel you are struggling or not, the tools within the app are designed to guide anyone to a place with greater happiness and a sense of peace.”

Harrogate based mental health app releases new content for menMy Possible Self app’s men’s mental health series Picture: My Possible Self

Joanne was inspired to create the content series as new research, released by men’s health charity Movember in October 2021, revealed that 60 per cent of men never speak about their mental health.

In the UK, an estimated 125 lives are lost every week to suicide, 75 per cent of which are men.

The content series focuses on the pressures that men face to be the ‘perfect man’, and the unattainable societal norms that have been set for men today to never show signs of emotional weakness.

The series’ features include short stories from men who have lived with mental health issues, designed to help men recognise that other men also feel the same way but are valued and loved.

Plus, the series has a number of interactive tools and resources to help, coping strategies, a quiz designed to help men better understand their symptoms, triggers and emotions, and why they may not be opening up about how they’re feeling, and sections teaching men how they can start to put their thoughts into words.