Gastonia gym fights childhood obesity with health program for kids

Lena Weib

A Gastonia gym has a plan and a passion to fight childhood obesity by helping children develop healthy eating habits and creating a regular exercise program.

Optimum Result Fitness partnered with Kintegra Health and other community resources like R.A.M.S. Kitchen to create a multidisciplinary health program for kids called Fit Squad.

“We got the idea after talking to Dr. Shirley Ocloo (Kintegra Health) about passion projects,” said trainer Trey Miles. “We thought this would be a great opportunity to help teach the kids some fundamental goals.”

The program involves kids under the age of 18 meeting every Thursday with fitness trainers, nutritionists and behavioral specialists to help teach the children healthy exercises and eating habits.

The meetings last for a couple hours where the kids workout for an hour, eat healthy snacks provided by R.A.M.S. Kitchen and meet with a health specialist to learn healthy habits.

This past week, the kids learned about emotional eating.

“We’re educating them on nutrition and giving them goals each week to help their eating and behavioral health,” said Miles.

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