Focusing on Quality of Care, Resilience Lab Offers Hybrid Mental Healthcare Treatment for Patients in Need

  • Announces opening of New York City headquarters with more than 130 clinicians available to deliver up to 500 in-person weekly sessions

  • The future of care delivery is hybrid: For certain diagnoses, in-person care can lead to better, high-value outcomes, while telehealth options provide convenience for patients who require or prefer virtual care

NEW YORK, April 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Resilience Lab, a mental health-tech company enabling communities of clinicians to collaborate to improve outcomes and access, today announced that it has opened its new New York City headquarters located in the Flatiron District, welcoming patients and their practitioners who need or desire in-person care. With an explosion of pandemic-fueled demand for mental health care access, Resilience Lab is focusing on quality of care by providing hybrid treatment for patients in New York. The company expects 20% of its overall New York-based sessions will be in person with the other 80% online.

Focusing on Quality of Care, Resilience Lab Offers Hybrid Mental Healthcare Treatment for Patients in Need

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Recent research from Evernorth shows that while 35% of patients surveyed are satisfied with virtual primary care, only 11% said the same about behavioral health care, indicating that virtual appointments are not a replacement for in-person care in many instances, and that a hybrid approach may be optimal. Additionally, a global report from Elsevier shows that a slight majority of doctors and nurses feel that telehealth could impede their ability to show empathy for patients. Although telehealth is not going away – Congress has extended coverage for telehealth visits and private insurers will likely follow along – there are particular concerns in the mental health industry regarding its over-utilization leading to low-value care, as well as barriers to entry for those who lack quality and/or private internet access.

“The future of care delivery is hybrid,” said Christine Carville, co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Resilience Lab. “Resilience Lab was created to provide value-based, budget-friendly care for everyone, and some kinds of therapy – such as childhood/adolescence, couples and EMDR are more conducive in person. As we continue to expand patient accessibility and support of clinicians throughout their careers, one thing will never change: our commitment to quality of care, whatever that requires.”

For patients who prefer or require virtual or hybrid appointments, Resilience Lab will continue providing telehealth options, which can be crucial for people who serve as primary elder or child care givers, or who have physical disabilities that make travel difficult.

“For six months we conducted surveys of clinicians and patients to determine in-person interest and demand–and the desire for hybrid care became clear,” said Marc Goldberg co-founder and CEO, Resilience Lab. “We feel strongly that delivering personalized, high-quality care to our patients is the right thing to do from both a clinical and human perspective. To address those needs, we have more than 130 clinicians available in New York to provide up to 500 in-person sessions per week.”

Resilience Lab recently expanded its network across the tri-state area, including New Jersey and Connecticut, with plans to expand throughout the Northeast and open flagship locations for in-person care in every state in which they operate. Additionally, Resilience Lab is available in-network to members of UnitedHealthcare and Humana.

About Resilience Lab

Resilience Lab is a creating a world where communities of clinicians work collaboratively to produce better outcomes and improve mental health access. Our diverse team of best-in-class therapists are committed to improving clients’ care experience throughout their therapeutic journey, by sharing peer insights, treatment plans, and outcome measurements. Technology powers Resilience Lab care delivery, automating all non-clinical work to foster therapeutic alliance and team-based care.

Psychotherapists who join our community-led movement have access to clinical supervision, training, and advanced certification as they provide treatment in a supported environment. Clients who match with Resilience Lab therapists benefit from holistic, evidence-based, high-quality, and affordable care that meets them where they’re at, wherever they are.

Resilience Institute is an institute for the modern mental health clinician, offering post-graduate, licensed clinicians–including mental health counselors, psychologists and social workers–with continued training to guarantee patients the highest quality of service and contemporary care.

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