Farrah Abraham Enters Treatment Facility For Mental Health Issues

Farrah Abraham is checking into a live-in treatment facility for mental health issues and says it is necessary due to her trauma associated with a sexual assault.

The ‘Teen Mom’ star opened up about entering a rehabilitation center on social media, claiming she has put off her issues for almost a year and says it’s what is needed to help her family. The reality star bravely outlined the situation, on video, and shared it with her millions of Instagram followers.

“There is really no easy way of saying this, I am taking a moment before I am headed to treatment for trauma. A trauma treatment center for 28 days and with me being off social and away, I just wanted to say so no one else could make up anything, I just wanted to share and be open since that’s what I hear so many say that no one really shares their care or mental health,” Farrah began.

Farrah Abraham Checks Herself Into Rehab For ‘Trauma’ Therapy

Farrah Abraham Enters Treatment Facility For Mental Health Issues

She continued, “I would say our healing is a true way of showing our wealth and success. So, I am taking time for my healing, I have ignored people for 11 months after having a sexual assault and having my whole body break down, my whole brain break down, and think others who go through a lot of trauma whether that’s physical attacks like I’ve gone through this year.

Adding, “No matter your traumas whether they are physical, mental, people see them, they don’t see them, I just want to take the time and just say I am grateful to my family for hanging with me this year one of my hardest years.”

‘Teen Mom’ Star Explains The Decision Of Entering Treatment — See The Video!

As we reported, Farrah recently broke her silence on the alleged sexual assault, claiming she was is now on five medications and is seeing “all sorts of doctors some I’ve never even heard the name of their specialty.” She continued, “I guess what I’m saying is everybody who thinks they know what sexual assault feels like but doesn’t, it does not stop feeling like it for months or years sometimes. It really hurts when I think back and I know some of my other friends have been sexually assaulted and I thought I knew what that felt like. I thought I knew how to support them, but I actually now know I let them down horribly.”

Farrah Abraham: I’m Looking Foward To Seeing How I Can Get Help…Medically

'Teen Mom' Star Farrah Abraham Enters Treatment Facility For Mental Health Issues

As for the rehab, Farrah says she is “looking forward to understanding more medically” and what she can do for herself during the treatment.

In the video, the ‘Teen Mom’ star told fans, “I am sending love and light to those who want to improve their lives, un-traumatize themselves to improve their lives, and I hope you guys can look into a trauma treatment center near you, and get the help and the support that you deserve. And, I look forward to a brighter future for my family and my work colleagues, and for my career.”

Adding, “It’s been a journey to get here, and sometimes it’s very hard to step away from work because I’m a workaholic, but it has really affected my life. I don’t want that anymore.  Thank you for the support, and support for my family at this time.”

‘Teen Mom’ Star Enters Treatment Facility On A Voluntary Basis

'Teen Mom' Star Farrah Abraham Enters Treatment Facility For Mental Health Issues

It’s unclear where Farrah’s new home will be for the next 30 days, but it’s obviously a voluntary entrance situation.