DrHouse Launches 24/7 Telehealth Service in New York State for Patients and Employers

The platform provides on-demand healthcare to break down the barriers of traditional medicine

NEW YORK, May 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DrHouse, a telehealth company providing on-demand urgent care, men’s health, and women’s health services throughout New York State, announced today the launch of its mobile application and employer portal. The DrHouse app connects patients seeking virtual visits with board-certified clinicians within 15 minutes.

“The pandemic taught us that the healthcare industry is undergoing a ‘renaissance moment’ now more than ever. We saw a need to optimize the consumer’s experience with a next-generation telehealth service, and that is how the DrHouse platform was born,” said Ergo Sooru, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, DrHouse. “Our services directly address the rising trend of patients expecting fast, convenient, and reliable healthcare services from top healthcare professionals in the comfort of their homes – a move that will become the norm as the medical industry continues to evolve and align with our increasingly modernized world.”

DrHouse is helping to target the growing need for easy access to high-quality healthcare by providing health services to all in need, regardless of insurance status. Independent patients have the option of purchasing a one-time virtual visit for $79/visit, or they can opt into a $49/month monthly plan or $29/month annual plan based on their specific health needs. For DrHouse’s employer plans, employers can choose a small business plan for 10-50 employees for $19/month or a custom-priced enterprise plan, recommended for larger-sized companies with 50+ employees. Employers can set up their DrHouse account within minutes to start offering 24/7 virtual visits to their employees.

As we look ahead, DrHouse’s team of experts are working to enhance our innovative platform with additional services as well as expanding to additional geographical locations.

The DrHouse app is available now to download on iOS and Android mobile devices. To learn more about DrHouse, please visit https://www.drhouse.com/.

About DrHouse
DrHouse is a telehealth company offering 24/7 virtual visits with board-certified clinicians. Consumers can expect on-demand virtual health services with a short wait time of 15 minutes or less and access to clinicians that specialize in non-emergent medical conditions in urgent care, men’s health, and women’s health spaces. Services are affordable and convenient, with no insurance necessary for medical care. Patients can subscribe to membership services for a monthly or an annual plan, or purchase a one-time virtual visit. Businesses can purchase a small business or an enterprise plan to cover employee medical care.


DrHouse Launches 24/7 Telehealth Service in New York State for Patients and Employers