Dr Carrie Jose Health and Wellness Neck pain not going away? Here are three reasons why

Lena Weib

Over 30% of people report they have neck pain, and of those, 50% will continue to have problems without any real answers or solutions. The last two years of the pandemic saw people becoming generally less active, falling off their routines, and working from home in less than optimal “work stations.”

It’s no surprise that people are suffering from more neck pain than usual.

Having been a mechanical spine pain specialist for the last 10 years – and a physical therapist for just over 20 – I can tell you that resolving neck pain is trickier than resolving back pain. And there are some good reasons for that. Your neck is the most mobile area of your spine – which makes it more complicated to manage – and the muscles in your neck are a bit more fragile than some of the bigger muscles in your lower back. The way you strengthen muscles in your neck can’t be approached in the same manner you might tackle your lower back – for example.

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