Desert Institute for Spine Care is the place for golfers to fix their back pain

Beautiful golf courses litter the Grand Canyon State. Thousands of golfers call Arizona home.

Golf has become an attractive sport for all ages, mainly thanks to being a game that isn’t going to do your body much harm. However, there is one injury golfers are plenty accustomed to that can turn a great round into a nightmare of a day.

What’s that, you ask? Back pain.

While the golf swing may be easy on most of the body, the swing can be an unnatural movement for the spine causing pain often times in the golfer’s lower back. That slight back pain you may feel after a round of golf may feel like nothing to you, but it could turn into long-term injuries for the spine.

That’s why the Desert Institute for Spine Care, otherwise known as DISC, is the perfect place for golfers to go to take care of their back pain.

DISC is the expert in helping golfers get back on the course with a number of treatments for back pain. The institute offers multiple options for all kinds of back pain you may be experiencing, from artificial disk replacement to fusions and more.

When do you know it could be time to stop by DISC to get treated? The signs are clear.

Desert Institute for Spine Care is the place for golfers to fix their back pain

One of the main causes of back pain in golf is simple overuse. In Arizona, there’s a chance a golfer could play every day of the week should they choose. However, if you are starting to experience some pain, a break may be best.

Some of the most common back injuries golfers suffer are herniated discs, lumbar strains and spondylosis, otherwise known as osteoarthritis in the spine.

Sound familiar? If it does, you need to meet the qualified staff at DISC to take care of your back pain.

Why should you choose DISC to be the one to fix your back pain? Patients from all across the globe travel to Arizona to be treated by the specialists at DISC.

At DISC, it all starts with an accurate diagnosis from a board-certified orthopedic surgeon. The institute uses a technique called Personal Pain Diagnostics that pinpoints the specific area where the pain is generated.

After that, DISC then develops your very own unique treatment that’s destined to get golfers back on the course.

If you are a golfer that experiences back pain, check out DISC for top treatment that gets your swing back in shape.

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