Children’s mental health is suffering during the pandemic

Lena Weib

Last month, I shared the story of my family’s struggles over the past year to help our daughter as she has struggled with traditional school.

In writing that essay, I struggled as well. I struggled to condense days and weeks and months of tears, confusion and helplessness into a narrative that made sense.

I struggled to show that Wendy isn’t the only one who has changed as we’ve worked through therapy. In fact, much of the change has been in the way my husband and I think – in taking Wendy’s feelings seriously rather than assuming she was just trying to “get out of” school.

I struggled to show both that we’ve made progress and that we’re not at the end of our journey. When I’m writing about my family, it’s easy to fall into the trap of writing a happy ending. The reality is we’re not there yet; even though we’ve made a lot of progress and we’re hopeful about the future, we still have a lot of difficult days.

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