Cannabis dispensary near El Paso sees long lines as public sales open

Lena Weib

SUNLAND PARK – Friday was known as “Rec Day” among the staff of Pecos Valley Production’s Sunland Park cannabis dispensary. 

Shops across New Mexico opened their doors to customers age 21 and over buying “recreational” cannabis (as opposed to medicinal products) for the first time on April 1. 

Kayla Wolfe, the dispensary compliance manager tasked with making sure PVP’s 15 locations comply with company standards and New Mexico’s cannabis regulations, sported cannabis flower earrings as she interacted with staff and customers waiting in a long line outside the store. 

Late in the afternoon, about 50 people waited patiently to enter. Wolfe said the dispensary had been passing out water and popsicles to patrons waiting to show their identification and gain admittance to the showroom. Customers in line said they had been waiting as long as two hours. 

Pecos Valley Production's dispensary compliance manager Kayla Wolfe is seen at the company's dispensary in Sunland Park, N.M. on Friday, April 1, 2022.

Wolfe said patients enrolled in New Mexico’s medical cannabis program came first, with exclusive access to online ordering. Customers appearing in person with medical cards were offered immediate entry through a dedicated entrance. 

By law, she said, “we have to maintain that 10 to 25 percent of our inventory for them and only them. … We’ve definitely done lots of preparation, at least as much as we could, to be able to meet the demand that’s coming up.” 

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