Anthony Bronaugh recently discussed how playing high school sports improves academics.

SYLVANIA, OH / MARCH 13, 2022 / Anthony Bronaugh is a Licensed Michigan Department of Education Administrator and long-time high school sports coach. He has more than 20 years of experience serving as a school principal and is a former junior varsity basketball coach. Bronaugh dedicates himself to helping students reach their full potential, and he believes that sports can have a significant positive impact on academics.

Bronaugh cited information from the University of Rochester stating that exercise helps the brain grow and function more efficiently. He recently discussed exactly how playing high school sports improves academic performance.

Anthony Bronaugh recently discussed how playing high school sports improves academics.

Sports and the Brain

Studies show that exercise improves blood flow to the brain and helps make more nerve connections. Exercise enhances memory, concentration, creativity, critical thinking skills, and more.

Teaching Time Management

High schoolers who play sports must manage games, schoolwork, practices, team meetings, social time, and more. They learn to plan and make the most of their free time. Time management skills benefit individuals in school, sports, and throughout life.

Superior Self-Esteem

Young people who play sports advance their skills during every game and practice. They also hear encouraging words from fans, coaches, and teammates. These elements combine to improve a high schooler’s self-esteem and self-confidence. This confidence carries from sports into the classroom, where they become more willing to learn new skills and strive toward success.

Sense of Success and Failure

Young people who learn sports quickly find out that successes and failures will both occur. A significant win doesn’t mean the team will always win, and a series of losses doesn’t mean the team will continue to lose. This understanding helps young people understand that a poor test score or grade is not permanent, and they can achieve success through hard work and dedication.

Strong Social Network

The social portion of playing sports may not appear to benefit a child in school. However, it can have a significant positive impact on academics. Sports help high schoolers build positive social networks of like-minded individuals striving for success. These young people are less likely to engage in risky behaviors because they participate in sports.

A young person surrounded by others who are successful in sports and school will strive for the same. Student-athletes tend to seek positive role models and may even serve as mentors for others.

Anthony Bronaugh on Sports and Academics

Anthony Bronaugh received numerous awards for his ability to push young people toward success. As a junior varsity basketball coach, he saw kids excelling on the court and in the classroom. He recommends that kids take part in some kind of sport or group activity in high school to boost their grades and their life skills.