Amazon Sale: Facial kits that you need to hydrate your skin cells in summer

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No matter the count of skin care and hair care products you invest in, you still drool and offer the skin benefiting effects of facial kits. They are the go-to product when you want to uplift your skin radiance and most importantly improve your mood. This weekend, Amazon sale will help you in bringing all the facial kits home that you were yearning for a long time.

Amazon sale on facial kits

Amazon sale is live and wraps up its blockbuster deals on facial kits by tomorrow midnight. Before the clock strikes 12, you must rush like Cindrella and pick your favourite facial kit without much thought.

1. mCaffeine Green Tea Quick Facial Kit

This facial kit offers you face detox essentials. They are all infused with Vitamin C for attaining a naturally glowing skin. It contains a face wash, face scrub, face serum and a night gel. Green Tea is a natural source of caffeine, which is known as the superfood for the skin. This caffeine soothes and tones the skin, making it healthy from the inside.

Price: Rs. 2049

Deal: Rs. 1639

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2. NutriGlow Wine Facial Kit 

This skin care set contains a deep cleanser, scrub, nourishing gel, whitening cream, mask pack and a serum. This facial kit will help you improve your skin’s elasticity and eliminate visible signs of aging. It also fights acne and makes you skin glow.


Price: Rs. 1200

Deal: Rs. 520

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3. Pilgrim Red Vine Premium Face Care Kit

This face care kit is ideal for dry, normal, oily and combination skin. It contains a face wash, toner, mist, face cream, face scrub, face mask and an eco-friendly jute bag to store them in. The kit’s unique French formulation gently removes dirt, impurities, fights pollution and excess oil. It aslo rejuvenates your skin while restoring its pH balance.


Price: Rs. 2200

Deal: Rs.1811

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4. WOW Skin Science Ultimate Vitamin C Facial Kit 

This facial kit contains a Vitamin C face wash brush, mist toner, face serum and a face cream. The products help to refresh dull skin by gently removing layers of dead skin, and keeping excess sebum in check. The active Vitamin C will allow you to repair skin damage caused due to environmental exposure. It also neutralises free radicals that cause damage to the skin cell structure.


Price: Rs. 2096

Deal: Rs. 1362

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5. Aryanveda De-Tan Facial Kit

A de tan facial kit is a summer essential and so you must vouch this Aryanveda De-Tan Facial Kit. It offers a complete solution with a 6 step regimen suitable for all skin types. This de tan facial kit helps you heal all the damage caused by excessive UV exposure. With this kit you can easily fight against stubborn tan. 


Price: Rs. 1100

Deal: Rs. 789

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6. O3+ Whitening Facial Kit With Brightening & Whitening Peel Off Power Mask 

O3+ Whitening Facial kit is a single use kit. It evens the skin tone and nourishes it with the goodness of glow-boosting antioxidants. This facial kit contains a milk wash, facial peel, whitening cream and a peel off mask. This facial kit is literally a treat for dull and damaged skin. 


Price: Rs. 510

Deal: Rs. 459

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7. Lotus Radiant Gold Facial Kit

This facial kit from Lotus revives inner layers of your skin. It restores and replenishes natural skin glow. It is an easy to use facial kit that contains 24K gold leaves, papaya and horse chestnut extracts for flawless skin. The contents of this facial kit penetrates deep into your skin cells to improve blood circulation which imparts a glow to your skin.


Price: Rs. 1250

Deal: Rs. 887

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So which facial kit has given you the instinct to indulge into its goodness? Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to give the credits to Amazon sales who helped in cutting down your bills. Summers call for facials and these facial kits are calling you. Pick them now before they are gone!


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