After many years away, mom seeks help due to health, work, child care

Lena Weib

Story No. 35

It’s been many years since this mom needed Christmas help for her four children. This year, however, a number of problems combined to mean there is no extra money for gifts. Mom recently had surgery. Complications required repeated stays in the hospital. Her previous employment was physically demanding, so that’s not possible at this time. Seeking other work is further complicated by child-care issues. In the past, her mother and grandmother were able to care for the younger children. These older women both have health issues and are not comfortable being with children not vaccinated for COVID-19. So far, Mom has not found other child care that is affordable or does not have a lengthy waiting list. The children’s father is usually able to help with Christmas presents, but his hours at work have been reduced because of the pandemic. He continues to pay child support but cannot provide extra money at this time. When Mom heard she had been selected for the Share Your Christmas program, she said, “Oh, that’s wonderful. I was so worried about Christmas. What a relief! Thank you, thank you!”

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